What Do I Get?  You get a complete FlopStopper, including the Center Bar (1), Side Channels (2), the  Blades 1-2-3 (2 each, with Axles), the Channel Cap Bars (2), the End Collars (4), the Harness (1), and the Deployment Line (1), wrapped and strapped in a Beach Towel.

Extras:  You can get a bag, but if you’re not going to take your FlopStopper off the boat, you don’t need one.  It’s easier just to stow it as it comes, wrapped and strapped in a nice soft towel (or even without a towel) = a stowable compact bundle.  And it dries better without a bag.  A bag is good for off-boat travel and storage (bags are heavy-duty with nice carrying handles).

Shipping:  FedEx Ground in the US takes 3-4 days from shipping date (we usually ship Mondays).  We can do next-day or 2nd day if you need it faster but it costs a lot more.  Email jane.flopstopper@gmail.com to get a quote.

Invoicing:  If you need a PayPal invoice (before or after you buy), we’re happy to do that.  Email jane.flopstopper@gmail.com and she’ll get it to you.

International shipping: We can ship just about anywhere in the world (sometimes it’s crazy expensive, sometimes surprisingly reasonable).  Tell us where you are (exact shipping address) and we can get you a quote.  As noted above, if you have visitors coming from the US, we can ship it to them and they can bring it on the plane.  Contact jane.flopstopper@gmail.com

Here’s the EFS Bag.  It’s heavy duty, and it zips open on one end and about 2/3 down the top (like a sleeping bag), so inserting your bundle or loose parts is easy!  If your EFS isn’t going to leave the boat, you probably don’t need a bag.

If you have any questions, comments, or need assistance,

please shoot me an email:  john.flopstopper@gmail.com


FlopStopper $799

Travel Bag $50

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“Out of Stock Sale” = No tax, free shipping in 48USA on prepaid orders.

*for shipping outside the 48USA, send your shipping address to jane.flopstopper@gmail.com and she’ll send you a quote then upon your approval, a PayPal shipping invoice w/$50 off.

Suggestion: to save the expense shipping outside the 48USA, if you have friends or family coming to visit you from the US, we can ship it to them and they can bring it to you as airline luggage (boxed units weigh 27.5 lbs).