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What Do I Get?  You get a complete FlopStopper, including the Center Rod (1), Side Channels (2), the  Blades 1-2-3 (2 each, with Axles), the Channel Cap Bars (2), the End Collars (4), the Harness (1), and the Deployment Line (1).  And it comes bundled, including the EFS Towel (1) and Cinch Straps (2) in your choice of designer colors (blue, green, red, or yellow - choose at checkout).

Extras:  You can get a bag, but if you’re not going to take your FlopStopper off the boat, you don’t need one.  It’s easier just to stow it as it comes, wrapped and strapped in a nice soft towel = a stowable compact bundle.  A bag is good for off-boat travel and storage (bags are heavy-duty with nice carrying handles).

Tax:  Gotta pay The Man.  6% sales tax (included in the $765 purchase price).

Shipping:  $45.26 per unit for ground shipping and processing, Continental United States (included in the $765 online purchase price).  We can do next-day if you need it faster but it will cost more.  A lot more.

Invoicing: If you would like to pay with an invoice for your business records, email jane.flopstopper@gmail.com.

Canada Shipping: $86 per unit for ground shipping and processing fee, no tax, equals the same online $765 purchase price ($679+$86).  The travel bag is $45. Use the Canada Shipping PayPal “Buy Now” button below for your purchase .

Australia & New Zealand Shipping: $298 per unit for Global Express Guaranteed, no tax, equals $977 purchase price for 1 unit; $100 discount on 2 units, equals $1854 for 2 units. The travel bag is $45. Use the Aus & NZ Shipping PayPal “Buy Now” button below for your purchase.

Other international shipping: We can ship just about anywhere in the world (sometimes it’s crazy expensive, sometimes surprisingly reasonable). Tell us where you are and we can get you the shipping cost.

Contact jane.flopstopper@gmail.com

Here are the Towel/Strap Color Options:

(select color during Online Check-Out or on Mail-In form)

Full Disclosure:  ANY 30x60 (or larger) beach towel will do. 

And here’s the EFS Bag.  It’s heavy duty, and it zips open on one end and about 2/3 down the top (like a sleeping bag), so inserting your bundle or loose parts is easy!  If your EFS isn’t going to leave the boat, you probably don’t need a bag.

If you have any questions, comments, or need assistance,

please shoot me an email:  john.flopstopper@gmail.com




Travel Bag


online purchase price includes tax and shipping

online purchase price includes tax

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