What Do I Get?  You get a complete FlopStopper, including the Center Bar (1), Side Channels (2), the  Blades 1-2-3 (2 each, with Axles), the Channel Cap Bars (2), the End Collars (4), the Harness (1), and the Deployment Line (1), wrapped and strapped in a Beach Towel.

Extras:  You can get a bag, but if you’re not going to take your FlopStopper off the boat, you don’t need one.  It’s easier just to stow it as it comes, wrapped and strapped in a nice soft towel (or even without a towel) = a stowable compact bundle.  And it dries better without a bag.  A bag is good for off-boat travel and storage (bags are heavy-duty with nice carrying handles).

Shipping:  UPS Ground in the US takes 3-4 days from shipping date.  We can do next-day or 2nd day if you need it faster but it costs a lot more.  Email jane.flopstopper@gmail.com to get a quote.

Invoicing:  If you need a PayPal invoice (before or after you buy), we’re happy to do that.  Email jane.flopstopper@gmail.com and she’ll get it to you.

Shipping Outside the 48USA: We can ship just about anywhere in the world (sometimes it’s crazy expensive, sometimes surprisingly reasonable).  Tell us where you are (exact shipping address) and we can get you a quote.  If you have visitors coming from the US, we can ship it to them (cheap) and they can bring it on the plane.  Contact jane.flopstopper@gmail.com

Here’s the EFS Bag.  It’s heavy duty, and it zips open on one end and about 2/3 down the top (like a sleeping bag), so inserting your bundle or loose parts is easy!  If your EFS isn’t going to leave the boat, you probably don’t need a bag.

If you have any questions, comments, or need assistance,

please shoot me an email:  john.flopstopper@gmail.com


FlopStopper $949

Travel Bag (optional) $60

Flat Rate Ground Shipping in the 48USA $55

For shipping outside the 48USA, contact jane.flopstopper@gmail.com

  she’ll get you a quote and if you approve, send you a shipping invoice.